200512 Baekhyun Instagram Live [ENG Sub]

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English Subtitle Full


EXO BAEKHYUN IG Live @baekhyunee_exo
ペッキョン インスタライブ
Baekhyun 2nd Album Delight Comeback
Baekhyun Driving and Singing / Mini Concert / Forgetting Lyrics for 30 Minutes Straight
Kyoong Solo Comeback / Baekhyun 2nd Solo
Baekhyun King Of Spoil / Honey

Rain – Soyou / LEO – BOL4 / History / Wolf / Moonlight/Obsession/Lotto
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44 thoughts on “200512 Baekhyun Instagram Live [ENG Sub]

  1. did anyone else also notice the spoiler for CANDY at 5:14 ??
    he said:
    ''can(dy)….(smiles)…….honey..I'am still thinking of you..(in korean)"..

  2. Sm
    Bring them higher
    Export them
    They young
    They had great talent

    Don’t stop them
    Give them great songs

    We miss exo very much

  3. this is literally " __________ sung by baekhyun but you're in a car and it's raining" 😂 and i'm living for it 💖

  4. What do you think will be something interesting in his new album? So little time has passed since the first solo album. How can something worthy of the listeners' attention be done in such a short time?

  5. Thank you for always providing subs so quickly. You are amazing 💜 What a beautiful mini concert Baekhyun just gave us. Always thankful that he shares these moments with us!!

  6. Thank you so much for subbing this so quickly, you're a sweetheart. Baek sang my favourite EXO song too, and it never fails to make me cry no matter how many times I listen to it (MOONLIGHT) so he got me crying yet againnnn~ but I love him so he's forgiven <3

  7. To be honest I have so much worry while watching him drive last night, thankfully he arrives safely💓.

  8. Thank you for always providing Eng subs! ❤ I was actually able to watch a bit of Baek's IG live last night, but I can't really understand, so I've just waited for this so thanks. 😁 It's cute how his IG lives usually include a lot of yawning and singing. 🙂

  9. hahahahah i died when he sang wolf in chinese he got confused and sang it as i am the beauty , you are the wolf.

  10. I find it funny and adorable that he forgets the lyrics of his own songs but knows the lyrics of other artists.

  11. "Baekhyun Is Driving While Doing A Live Stream"

    Me the whole Live: Ohh please! Be careful and don't use your phone whenever you are driving!

  12. Is it weird that I am a non-korean and I was singing all the lyrics? 😂 Maybe I've too much free time on my hand 😂
    Anyways, It's great that we are seeing so much of baekhyunnie because of delight. I really missed him ❤

  13. Thanks to OVEREXOL also I want to say how lucky we EXOL are to have Beakhyunii sing for us every time he is live

  14. Thank you so much for the sub so fast, u even have the playlist, love u!
    Every time Baekhyun has his IG live in car, I can't stop worrying for his safety though he said he will drive carefully. I rather he has the live when he reached home safely and when we can see his face clearly.

  15. Thank you so much for this video, I didn't get to watch his love because I was asleep! Hwaiting to your yt channel😍

  16. I sang along with him since i know the lyrics of "someone like you and for you" these songs are one of my favorites of Chenbaekxi …He's so adorable ♥Thank you

    He keeps on forgetting the lyrics and it's so cute.

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