A Week In The Life Of An Expat In Vietnam (Saigon)

Today’s video shows a week of my life as an expat living out here in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam.
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49 thoughts on “A Week In The Life Of An Expat In Vietnam (Saigon)

  1. I enjoyed your video. You show the Saigon in a different perspective, without the crowding and congestion. Wish I found your video before I recently went.

  2. Hello mate, my name is Edward from London. I've recently fallen in love with a Vietnamese woman and have decided to move over here. I am interested in teaching as will need an income. I only have high school qualifications, no PhD or masters. Could you advise me if teaching would be possible? And what would help to progress? Great video! All the best. Ed.

  3. Awesome video. My girlfriend and I are going to be taking the TEFL course in Thailand in March. Vietnam is top of the list to move to and teach afterwards. Would love any tips you have.

  4. Hey Alex, Im Geo.
    Found your videos a couple days ago & it's made me consider teaching in Vietnam.
    I've never left my native Country of Canada and I need something new.

  5. That tourist club at 6:40 was looking like typical Spanish coast bar at night. Show us the local nightlife in Saigon!

  6. So, people from rich countries are called expats and people from poor countries are called immigrants, let that sink in! :O

  7. I'm Blake I work in Japan as an English teacher, for about a year now, and am planning on finding a job teaching English in HCMC in October. Awesome videos!

  8. My friend David China is paying all his expenses plus paying him his salary tax free I forget for how many years, but I do know he is being well set-up. I'm glad everything's working at for my friend. I hope things are working out for you and your friends at Vietnam maybe I'll see you in one year and 11 months if you still there my name is Randy Kyzar.

  9. My name is Randy I'll be coming to Saigon 1 year and 10 months th visit for about 28 days maybe only and I will be meeting my mother's family for a little while

  10. Thanks for the amazing videos. I am a South African, in the contemplative – research stage of coming to Vietnam. Just trying to educate myself as much as possible. I actually have a Skype call with one of your staff today at 12! My work contract come to an end in March and I’ve been itching to travel and work. Sooooo… yeah, that’s me! I enjoyed the “realness” of this particular video. No glitz and glam, just “this is daily life”. It reminds me that we are all just ourselves, wherever we go. But before I get too philosophical, let me watch more videos! Great job!

  11. Hello, I have been watching your videos and wonder if your meetups are only for your teachers or can other expat teachers join?

  12. Hi Alex, my name is Thomas and
    Ill be living in hcmc from feb 2019 until may for an intership at the university for my thesis on urban flood mitigation. If you have any tips on affordable housing or nice expat meet-ups in the city let me know. Kind regards, Thomas

  13. I’m Anna 🙂
    Love how you asked everyone to write in the comments !
    I’m planning to move to Hanoi in May next year to do English Teaching.
    Really love all your videos! They have been made really well ☺️

  14. Alex, I'm 69 and live in Memphis, TN, USA. I really enjoy your videos. If I were younger, you would have definitely convinced me to go to Vietnam and take your TEFL program. But as it is, you've shown me that it might be possible to visit Vietnam for 3 months in my retirement. Thanks for all the information and insight.

  15. Enjoying these simple and intimate videos of the expat life in Vietnam. I checked one of the links and we have the same sling bag! The Thinktank Turnstyle Camera Sling bag. Enjoyed it for years before I sold it.

    I'm going to Vietnam this 2019 and hoping and planning to either work as a photographer in a magazine, volunteer, and also teach English there. I'm from the Philippines. I still don't have a college degree. If I take a TEFL course, can I work as an English Teacher in Vietnam?

    Keep the videos rolling, Alex!

  16. I'm bob. I've lived in Thailand for 15 years. I'm American. going to take a trip to Hanoi in February. wondering about the smoking cigarettes policy as I smoke.

  17. Hiya, Im an university teacher, with a solid offer to teach STEM at a HCMC university; same salary as here at home…but Im rather unsure, that's why I watch your channel

  18. a series of random useless garbage… how is that a week in a teachers life, no classes, facts, numbers, details…details…details dude

  19. the only thing i agree with is that it is amazing/puzzling that so many ppl watch your videos, dont see any point or finesse in those.

  20. Hello, my name is Kerry … Currently living in Southern California … I have an AA in Drafting and Design but always interested in traveling and teaching

  21. Hey Alex, my name is Thore and I'm from Hamburg, Germany. I came across your videos because I'm relocate to hcmc in about a month to work there in e-commerce business. Been there already as a tourist for a month back in December 2017. Your video bring me into the right mood seeing places I already know with other stuff and a good impression of expat life. Thanks for upload. 😊👌

  22. Another great video Alex – look forward to meeting you and starting the course when I get to HCMC. It's Nina from the facebook group 🙂

  23. Hey mate, I am from Canada and I work full time as a teacher with the TDSB. I recently though took a teaching job in Saigon with BCIS. My decision was in large part thanks to your videos. Gave me a good idea over what to expect. Thanks for everything 🙂

  24. Hi Alex! So awesome watching your videos. Been in contact with Galen and looking to come over in dec/Jan. I'm hoping to come over with my family… hubby and 2 young kids… please can you try do a video of families coming over to Vietnam as I can't find any info on that at all!! Are we breaking new ground?? Think Vietnam would be an amazing place for an adventure as a family for a year or 2. Would love to hear your opinion on that. Your videos are so informative and we are so excited about this!

  25. Wow! So much developments in Saigon! Didn't even see that building under construction when I was in Saigon in February. Is it going to be taller than the Bitexco Tower?

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