Biggest scandals in K-POP History #1 (EXO, IU, BIGBANG, BTS..)

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21 thoughts on “Biggest scandals in K-POP History #1 (EXO, IU, BIGBANG, BTS..)

  1. oh my God…
    Rest in Peace, Sulli 💔💔💔💔

    From SM Entertainment:

    We apologize for conveying such sad and unfortunate news.
    Sulli has left our side.
    We cannot believe the situation now and we are just filled with grief.
    For her family who is grieving after the sudden news of her passing, we earnestly request that you refrain from writing speculative articles or spreading rumors. We express our deep condolences.

  2. 1:30 Why some people are so evil? There are millions of people who died by accident. Murderer is not something you can say that easily…

  3. 2:23 none of those people deserve to even be able to even see bts. They all had the audacity to yell out “No!” and be mad about bts not being able to preform. Somebody threatened to K^ll Namjoon and you all are mad that they didn’t come? Sick human beings.

  4. why put rm pic in the thumbnail
    you ……

    any person who doesnt click your bait may think rm has really a scandal associating with him or around bts

  5. Can u even consider bts' incident a scandal tho ?!! Lmao u shouldn't have used their name just to make ppl watch this vid😤😤😤

  6. When someone said they are exhausted, listen and be there. People won't said that if it not true. When someone feel exhausted, it is really exhausted and frustrated. Because it too exhausted to even have a good sleep.

  7. Why Namjoon of all people tho? Dude…..This Haters have evolved……like i feel so bad for everyone in this video…

  8. rip Sulli, my birthday twin, 😢 i will cherish my birthday because of you Sulli 💞😭

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