Doctor Strange Almost Made Thanos Fight The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal Almost Judged Thanos In Infinity War
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If we’re listing off the best moments in Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange’s fight with Thanos should definitely be near the top of the list. It’s an awesome fight scene that really shows off the special skills and talents of both fighters. How could it get any more amazing right? Well we’re about to blow your mind! The writers of the movie revealed that originally, Doctor Strange was going to send the Mad Titan into the mindscape where he would be forced to reckon with the sins of his past, and eventually come face to face with the Living Tribunal!

So if you are a fan of Doctor Strange’s trippy mind-melting visuals, it might come as a disappointment to know that we didn’t get to see Thanos go through a similar experience. But the writers ended up having a good reason for cutting this scene and after hearing their explanation, we have to agree with them! Hopefully this means the character can show up in a later movie though like Doctor Strange 2!

Today’s video is basically one big appreciation video for the Living Tribunal and how sad it is that we haven’t seen the character yet! Okay, there’s more to the video than that, but we just like the cosmic being okay! We’ll talk about what the original fight scene between Doctor Strange and Thanos looked like and what it means for the future of the MCU. Check it out now and don’t forget to subscribe!


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36 thoughts on “Doctor Strange Almost Made Thanos Fight The Living Tribunal

  1. If strange can pull stuff like that mid fight, then he’s easily the strongest avenger

  2. Living Tribunals would've just said, Thanos is merely trying to claim power in the universe which is what he first said in the comics when Eternity asked the Tribunal to take away Thanos' power. Tribunal and Warlock was different bc it was post Infinity Gauntlet comic. You missed that.

  3. If the living tribunal showed up he would clapped Thanos cheeks, he has the power to make the infinity gems work and stop working they're a light switch to him he's done it before in the comics. And the infinity gauntlet only works in the 616 universe, they're only universal not multiversal. The living tribunal is way above the universe he's multiversal and sits above the council of abstracts

  4. Because the living tribunal would've made thanks look like a child, imagine thanos going against mangore or galactigus

  5. Tribunal would have destroyed so easily he isna cosmic god entity man. Even thanos with a gauntlet tribunal can just control the gauntlet and stop making it function and control then stones. So yeah

  6. Dr ? Who are u ? I am Thanos from other universe trying to balance things. Dr ! ohh Mr Trump didn't expect u.

  7. So, given that he took on Thanos much better than most…and Dr. Strange CERTAINLY was needed…one can argue…like with Scarlet Witch…that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange is more powerful than Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in the MCU.

  8. Imagine Dr. Strange defeat Thanos as he defeat Domammu.he would say….

    Hey Thanos…i've come to bargain.

  9. Wouldnt it be epic to see someone use the stones on the living tribunal and them just not working on him or on an eternal

  10. I was so happy when dr. Strange came into the MCU…he has always been 1 of my fav characters…we have all seen the supervillains…red skull…whiplash…surtyr…hela…loki
    And thanos…i know there r more…but dr. Strange brings a whole new element to the MCU…he brings a mystical side…we have seen the zealots…a brief encounter with the dread dormammu…and there plenty more very evil and very supernatural/mystical…they have also done an excellent job of showing just how powerful he really is…i cant wait to see his fued with baron mordo or in the films just mordo…cant wait to see that fued build up…

  11. This. If this happened then there would be no need for Capt. Marvel in Endgame, but they took Living Tribunal out for an unwanted character.

  12. I hope we one day will have the living tribunal in the mcu I want to know how he’s the 3rd most powerful being in marvel

  13. The Living Tribunal is the 2nd most powerful individual being in the entire marvel multiverse. Thanos with the gauntlet wouldn't even scratch the surface of its power and abilities. TLT would swat him like a bug. If they bring him in to the movies it's over. There is no fighting it, unless the MCU takes massive liberties with the character. Which would be wrong.

  14. Yikes! A channel that agrees with Thanos’s alt-right fascist genocidal plan is probably not a channel that I want to stay subscribed to.

  15. It'd be interesting if Adam Warlock got to fight with The Living Tribunal. TLT said that if both fought, they would have destroyed the Realm of Manifesting which was 16D. We don't know how powerful was the Infinity Gauntlet back then compared to the retconned gauntlet. The Living Tribunal can manipulate a higher-dimensional being and object (Assume IG could possibly be a higher dimensional object.) However, even if the Living Tribunal is in MCU, his power would be the same as comics. Remember that there is only ONE Living Tribunal. TLT is the Judge of Marvel Multiverse (Marvel Universe, Ultimate and Cinematic.) MCU Thanos with the gauntlet won't be able to defeat him. Not even Dormammu or all entire MCU.

  16. Movie is still movie. They decrease character power enough so other have a playground. If living tribunal in MCU. He is still too powerful to thanos, he also bigger than him, his size is near to or even bigger than multiple planents. So, in logical way, thanos have no chance to win again Living tribunal at this timeline. If you watch Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2. Starlord team
    use all there force to attack his celestial father ego but it is extremely hard to kill.

  17. Nobody speaks like this narrator, you fucking cheese ball. Ddiiiiidddd yooouuu knnnowww coming up next. Fucking shit bag.

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