Download Windows XP SP3 Media Center 2010 Super MultiBootable

Windows XP SP3 Media Center 2010 Super MultiBootable v3.6

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This is big package of Windows XP SP3 Media Center, many things and features are added also many unnecessary files and folders are removed in this version of windows XP. A professional version SP3. A lots of applications installed, No serials needed | Passed all MS Validation Checks, Burn ISO to bootable DVD at slow speed (suggest X2).

Bootable Menu:
[1] setup Windows XP SP3 Media Center 2010 with Driver.
[2] Ghost Windows XP SP3 Media Center 2010 with Driver. (pass : trandilinh)
[3] Windows XPE with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 and Some useful Tools to Recovery.
[4] Hiren’s Boot CD 9.9.
[5] Setup Boot From Dos for Win.
[6] HDAT2ALL to Repair BadSector for Hdd.
[7] Auto Backup Your Windows to Local Disk D.
[8] Auto Restore Your Windows From Local Disk D.
[9] Mini XP on CD.
[0] Boot From HDD.

What’s News in v3.6 ?
01. Update Newest Driver Pack
02. Fix Auto Open My Documents
03. Automatic Install 100%.
04. Update softwarez :
Web browsers:
-Update: Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 (English), Opera 10.00 Beta 3, Google Chrome Dev.

-Update: MathType 6.5, Unikey 4.0.8 Final, Foxit Reader Pro 3.0 Build 1817, Microsoft office 2003.

-Update: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 5.0.5.
-Update: Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 16, Diskeeper Pro Premier 13.0.835.0, XYplorer 8.20.0000.

-Removed: CPU-Z v1.52, GPU-Z v0.3.4, Attribute Changer 6.10B.
-Update: FileMenu Tools v5.7, CCleaner v2.22.968, Vietnamese Calendar v2.7, WinRAR 3.90 Final.

-Removed: WinImage v8.10.8100.
-Update: Yahoo Check v2.1, Internet Download Manager v5.18.

What’s News in version 3.5 ?
– fix Sound for Win.
– Change HDD Icon Disk.
– Update KAV 2009 to 28/07/2009
– Update BKAV Home 2433 to 28/07/2009
– Update c0nficker Removal Tool v0.2: to Remove virus Conficker.
– Update Win32.Sality.OG Removal v0.3, Win32.Sality.OX Removal v0.3, Sality CMC Remover: to Remove Sality virus .
– add Tut : How to make USB Hiren’s Boot 9.9
– add Tut : How to make Make Ghost File to backup your PC very Fast.
– add Tut : How to make Make CD AutoGhost.
OS: Windows DLC XP Media Center 2010.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 (English)
Google Chrome Dev
Opera 10.00 Beta 3
Internet Explore 8.0.

Yahoo! Messenger (16 Langs)
Yahoo! Messenger (English) (Chat)
Yahoo Check v2.1 (Check Online/Offline Yahoo nick)
Skype (Best voice chat)
Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX v10.0.22.87 (Flash plugin for IE)
Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin v10.0.22.87 (Flash plugin for Firefox)
VietBandwidth v4.1 (Check Internet Bandwidth evey day/month)
MediaFire 7 (Automatic download from mediafire)
Internet Download Manager v5.18 (Best download Tools)


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11 thoughts on “Download Windows XP SP3 Media Center 2010 Super MultiBootable

  1. too bad leooglobe website was taken down a few years ago….can not find any alternative links for the dlc mce ultimate windows os…

  2. Question, is the Windows XP Media Center ISO file a Windows installation CD???? If so, is that bootable??
    Can't get the laptop to boot from the DVD I burned after downloading and burning the ISO file. Laptop is set to boot from DVD first. Thanks!!

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