Excel IFS Function – No More Nested IFS

The IFS function in Excel 2016 provides us with an easier and cleaner way of creating nested IFS formulas.

This function is available from Excel 2016 with the Office 365 subscription and is not available on previous versions

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In this video tutorial the IFS function is used to assign a grade to
a list of exam scores. This would previously have required 4 or 5 IF functions.

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11 thoughts on “Excel IFS Function – No More Nested IFS

  1. When I used this function getting problem #NAME?
    this is result when I enter this. What was the problem

  2. Hi there! I could use some help. I would like to use a specific function depending the day or color. For example if it's Mon to Fri I want to multiply with let's say 13 and add 22.5, Sat with 14.5 and add 22.5, Sun with 17.5 and add 22.5. Is it possible?

  3. Hey there! Is there a correspondent IFS in VBA? In case there is not, what can we use to test multiple conditions? I am using IFS in a cell, but I would like to use it in VBA. It doesn't show up when you write this piece of code: Application.WorksheetFunction. Thanks.

  4. Thank you so much , introduced us IFS function. We want, how to use another feature like switch, TextJoin
    FormulaText , Concate, Maxifs, MinIfs etc.

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