Goku vs Saitama – Part 1 – REMASTERED [Dragon Ball Super vs One Punch Man]

The clash of the two strongest in Anime history, Goku VS Saitama! Who will win? Find out on the first episode of Goku VS Saitama. There are 9 episodes in total. Be sure to watch them all only here on Mastar Media.

Dragon Ball Super VS One Punch Man

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Programs used: Adobe Animate CC (Formerly Flash) and Premier Pro for editing.

Created by Jake Mastar.
Landscape and Sky art by Gezoo
His Channel:

Website: Mastarmedia.com

Music Used:
Music Used (in order):
Opening Theme – Es Dirty Aspirations
Immediate Music – Protectors of Truth
Berserk OST – New Horizons
Berserk OST – Griffith’s Dream
Wonder Woman Theme Song
One Punch Man OST – The Ruler.
Berserk OST – My Brother
One Punch Man OST – Seigi Shikko
Dragon Ball Kai OST III – Heroic Face-Off
Two Steps from Hell – For the Win
Christian Baczyk – Continuum
Final Fantasy X HD Remaser OST – Hum of the Fayth
Naruto Shippuden OST 2 – Girei

Special Thanks To:
Akira Toyirama
All of these incredible music producers
All my Patrons and everyone who donated through my stream
My team working hard on Demon Rush every day

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46 thoughts on “Goku vs Saitama – Part 1 – REMASTERED [Dragon Ball Super vs One Punch Man]

  1. Saitama:actually stands a chance against goku
    Goku:actually stands againts saitama
    Saitama: cant beat a mosquito
    Me: wtf

  2. Goku: haaaaaaaa!!

    Saitama:what's with all the screaming?
    Mcsm ep 1: the order of the stone
    Me: 😲😮😯

  3. Actually this is all wrong, saitama would NEVER be serious at the beginning of a fight, plus his punches never miss

  4. Fun fact saitama is weaker than most of the dbz or dbs charecters and also goku and saitama would fight but they'd be great friends

  5. UI Goku would clap saitama. Saitama wouldn’t even be able to land a hit. UI Goku would just peck at him until he can’t fight no more


  7. Que paso con el video donde estaba todo completo y subtitulado y con calidad no como este que le falta partes y subtítulos y audio :C

  8. Goku is more interesting a character than Saitama's irrelevant ass will ever be.
    Awaiting salty OPM fanboys😁😁😁

  9. I love this fan series but to make it canon you have to make goku transform in to every possible form after getting a serious punch or other serious moves and at last saitama gets pissed and uses a very serious punch and goku gets very injured then he eats a senzu and accepts saitama is stronger because saitama is a gag Ani me character he has broken his limiter and had no limits he could go against anyone even grand priest.

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