Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of EXO

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of EXO
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47 thoughts on “Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of EXO

  1. While watching this and when I saw Chen I smiled and realized that Chen found his wife legally married and a baby girl after all those years without a single dating rumor well all I have to say Chen really did a great job on keeping it a secret

  2. I will forever wait for Taeyeon and Baekhyun, I hope they will be together again in the future 🥺😣

  3. I was so happy for BaekYeon since EXO and SNSD are my utt groups, but the amount of hate they got from "fans" was just too much and I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive them for making Baekhyun and Taeyeon's lives a living hell. I'm very sorry for my babies, they just wanted to be happy. And the saddest thing is that they had such a cute friendship before all that and nowadays they cannot even look each other in the eye in public…

  4. I see that being a kpop idol is hard especially when you're that famous. And why do people need to invade their privacies like what the hell are you thinking??? Uh???? They are also human but with your/ our doings they can't live normally. One thing that breaks my heart is that they always broke up because of their busy schedule😭

  5. some fans are completely pathetic. i mean what do they expect?that they are never going to date?they are going to have families someday. now chen is a father and he is getting married and i am SO happy for him. having a baby is a blessing but still there were some fans that didn't like it. he is not going to ask you how to live his life. if they are real fans they are going to support him no matter what

  6. I think you don't know that sehun says that as long as vivi alive he won't dating with a women. And he get married when hi is 30.

  7. I still can't believe that EXO-Ls say the guy isn't Sehun because his ears are different

    EXO-Ls actually pay attention to the ears??

    I didn't know😅😂

  8. the reason why idols cant have a relationshipcis due to their busy schedule but hopefully they can find someone who can support them and understand them even they are busy

  9. I hope that they all have girlfriend.Wait Chen is dad .Congratulations Chen be happy 😊👏🏻 (If Chen is dad I think EXO-L's are aunt lol)

  10. "chanyeol had two rumored girlfriend"

    no girl chanyeol's dating only baekhyun over the years. stop changing my mind

  11. 14:00 that's why male idol nowadays scared on dancing when female idols are on stage bcoz delusional shippers

  12. I'm an exo fan and baekhyun bias but I just want to be honest I don't want taengoo to be hurt by an exo-l🥺

  13. Based on the comments here Baekhyun and his ex girlfriend were hated but Kai and Jenny were accepted isn't because Kai stans are mature?

  14. Honestly I don’t get the fans who get upset over the idols dating . I mean what do you want them to be single till 50 or forever, have no kids can’t love someone just because the fans would hate . The ones who hate need to grow up and there mentality is really low . They are humans to they can be with whoever they they want . Stop living in the dreams that you will end up with then . Have a wish or hope but that’s it , if it needed to be reality you would be with them already or in the future . But let them live there lives as human beings to .

  15. fans didnt JUST WATCHING baekyeon rellationship, they ruined it and make both of them upset and depressed (mostly korean fans)
    they never broke up, cause sm never confirmed it till now.
    and by baekhyun reactions to her in awards and sm towns and shows that they asked him about date , girlfriend and same things like this.
    baekyeon is the most real couple in kpop cause its not made by fictions and fan girls fantasies, i hope fans being more mature and let them do anything they want
    did you all saw chen marriege and his princess borned few days ago? yeah xiuchen was just a fic like chanbaek and other ships. some day all of those immature shippers realize it

  16. I'm a strong exo fan since when they were 12. Supporting them as long as I can remember.
    And now I jx feel bad for all kpop idols because of immature fans. They can't be with ppl they want to be with. This must be really depressing for them.

  17. imagine when you wake up and see jennie & kai is dating again omg (i think they didn't break up)

  18. I hope these oppas will get married in the future, start their own family and be happy. And I hope they will have sons and be the 2nd gen of EXO, then we EXO-Ls will have a daughter and they will be the 2nd Generation of EXO-Ls. HAHAHAHAHA

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