How To Create A Facebook AD 2019 – From Start To Finish

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In this video, I cover exactly how to create a Facebook ad in 2018. With no prior experience required, you can easily get your sponsored message up and running without being a professional marketer.

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Creating a Facebook AD has it’s three stages:

– The Facebook business manager set up
– Hyper-targeting your audience
– Facebook ads content

Facebook’s business manager:

Head over to and register for your free business manager account. From here, you should be able to advertise with your fan pages under your brand.

This is extremely important to note as you may be an agency (like myself) managing multiple client accounts.

Targeting your audience:

Once your account is created, you’re going to create an ad with the following objectives in the business manager. These objectives are:

– traffic
– engagement
– video views
– lead form

And much more. These are the commonly used ones. Although this is dependent on your goal, choose one that suits your marketing objectives.

Once you choose your objective, you should now choose exactly what targeting you want. You can target users based on:

– behaviors
– Interests
– Demographics

These are generally the options you’ll have when targeting. Once you have your audience targeted properly, you’ll then have the ability to display a photo or a video to your audience.

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  1. I am viewing this in June 2020. When you mentioned the “next video” I couldn’t find it. Could you share the link? Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much I will be using this strategy for now because I am so broke to purchase a course from Franklin Hatchett and he is legit and cheap course but I can’t even afford that lol thank you so much!!

  3. we are providing Free facebook ads course(4 hrs) if interested click the below to enroll

  4. With this product you’ll get great tips fot advertising effectively on Facebook We’ve got 8 different Facebook Ad guides you can use to create your specific ads to ensure you have allthe important pieces in place We’ve also included the PSD versions of the Facebook Ad templates so you can quickly update the text or whatever you’d like to get your Facebook Ad

  5. I used to run Facebook ads and I’m about to create a new one, now I just need to create a video, that’s the hard part for me!

  6. hi Ruan, your content is awesome, shared & curated another one of your videos. My audience love it, keep up the good work. looking forward to more of your videos. cheers

  7. is that possibel to get beck facebook messeges? if i haver deleted the cheat and he was not frend with me on facebook, but we have chated 5 months.

  8. this is 2020 and i am not seeing the same pages on my facebook page and it really looks different can someone put me through this again please

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