How to Download Online Games (from


1. Go to
2. Find the game you want to download
3. Right click and choose View page source
4. Click Ctrl+F on your keyboard
5. Type swf and it’s gonna lead you to the source of the game
6. Find the (more often) largest link that includes the .swf file/extension and click on it
7. New saving window will pop up and hit SAVE
8. After your game (.swf file) is downloaded, you can play it (in my case using GOM Player)

If you have any kind of questions, or game requests, lemme know in the comments bellow…

Download Links:

Sim Taxi (sim_taxi.swf)

GOM Player
Name: Tidal Wave
Artist: Silent Partner


Thanks for Watching!


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13 thoughts on “How to Download Online Games (from

  1. HELP
    I did everything but GOM Player can't play the game. It's stuck on the loading screen. I re-installed GOM Player and the .swf file but it's still the same.

    Are there other softwares that can open .swf files??

  2. Thank you for a video but when i looking for swf i did not found anything please help me I want to download this game (worms zone)
    Thanx again

  3. Ok but how do you save your game? I played Lethal 2 using this method, went a looong way inside the game, but once I existed the player, and reopened it, all my progress was lost

  4. working link:

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