How To Use Facebook's Audience Insights Tool To Find Killer Facebook Targeting Options

Want to know how to find killer Facebook targeting options in 2020?

Then this Facebook audience insights tutorial is for you.

In it I show you exactly how to use Facebook’s audience insights tool to find targeting options that could work extremely well for your business.

Not many Facebook advertisers use audience insights to improve their Facebook targeting…

But audience insights is a fantastic tool and we use it to help improve the performance of all our client’s Facebook ads.


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31 thoughts on “How To Use Facebook's Audience Insights Tool To Find Killer Facebook Targeting Options

  1. Thanks for watching this Facebook audience insights tutorial. Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

  2. Hi Ben. Firstly – thanks for the videos and expertise – I'm finding it all extremely helpful so far. I have published a motivational/productivity app called 'Strike Activity Database' on IOS and Google Play stores and am trying to get more app installs using Facebook Ads – and so far (3 months trying different things) I have had no success at all. I am slowly understanding different options and factors but am still finding it all extremely brain-frying… My app currently only has 25 installs, so I was interested in this video to start with to try and get the 200 or so wanted to start using lookalike audiences. I searched and collected 11 insights (mostly productivity and motivational people and things – as my app is that also). I am now looking at making an ad set for each one, as you suggested – but how do I do that quickly without having to go through the process 11 times? I presume it has something to do with duplicating the ad set and then changing the detailed audience bit? I intend to use the same video ad for all variations/ad sets – so would it be best to add this t the first version of the ad set and then duplicate the ad sets 11 times or add the ad to each ad set after they are all made? forgive my lack of knowledge on this, but I'm a total novice and find pretty much everything difficult. I am interested in having a video chat with you as you mentioned in your video, but wanted to at least get the 11 ad sets and ads set up first, and how do I set up a video call? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Crug

  3. Ben, Excellent video. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking time out of your day to provide helpful videos.

  4. Hi Ben I am grategul to stumble upon your channel. Your step by step tutorial is so easy to understand!
    If I can add a question here. I am targeting the Big 4 (AU, US, UK, CAN) as my target market for dropshipping business. Let say I have identified their interests X, Y and Z. I am undecided on what should be the next step.
    (1) Should I split the ad sets into 3 copies- X, Y, Z and target the big 4 as a whole, or
    (2) Should I split the target market into 4 copies- UK, US, CAN, AU and test them with XYZ as a whole?
    Hope it makes sense and to hear from you 🙂

  5. Love this video! You are a great teacher..u make it easy. I am interested in doing the one and done…not in a position to have you do all my ads as of yet…I don't see a link to click on..can you put the link in your comments back to me thanks

  6. first of al it was a pretty informative video …now what i am confused is that we dont have layring options here …as narrowing down options .. so should we be creating audiece using just one interest if that has a good size say 500k to 1 million???

  7. Hey Ben, if let’s say I’m targeting men for hair growth products. Isit good to target only one interest like ‘Haircare’ or narrow down to those who are interested in ‘Haircare’ AND ‘Beard’? Thanks in advance! I love watching your videos, I gain so much insights

  8. Hi Ben, thanks for the video, when you say create each ad set for every lets say (competitors), when I do that for example at audience insights i put "furniture shop" and is showing top 10 furniture shops on the area, when I create each ad-set for these furniture shops, I add at the interests on ad set, furniture name but is not showing the furniture shop as interests on ad-set, did I understand it correctly?

  9. Interesting Ben, thanks for sharing. I have a question : If you consider that most large brands have, at some stage, trolled for page likes, how relevant would it be target users who have liked a brand?

  10. Great video! always very clear and straightforward!
    How much would you advise as a budget for the testing phase of each ad?

  11. I have a question: I structured my campaign as per your video. I made 4 Ad sets: 1 Warm Audience, 2 Cold Audience targeting 1 interest per Ad set, and 1 LLA Audience. My Warn audience includes my site visitors + ATC + IC. Now the problem is in warm audience ad set, FB is saying "Potential reach: unavailable".
    My site is 2-3 months old and FB Pixel data says: Page views: 1.1k , View Content: 618 . ATC: 37. Is it that FB does not have enough data that's why my Warm Audience campaign is not running- it reached 37 people in 2 days while other ad sets reached 500-900 in 2 days.

    Your insights will be very helpful as I am watching all your videos to learn as much as I can. Thanks in advance

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