Lionel Messi ● World Cup ● 2014 HD

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The best goals, assists and amazing dribbling skills by Leo Messi for Argentina in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Enjoy!
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● Edited and produced by: Henrik Lehmann

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♫ Music: BenniB – Uncharted, Ivan B – Edge Of The World (ft. Niykee Heaton) (Prod. Tido Vegas)

● Clips from: LionelMessi10i, adidas

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45 thoughts on “Lionel Messi ● World Cup ● 2014 HD

  1. Note: This video is reuploaded for a second time, hopefully FIFA won’t block it a third.

    Lionel Messi arrived at the 2014 World Cup after his worst club season to date, with the hope of turning the summer into something better and win the biggest trophy of all for his country. Argentina reached the final with Messi shining, but in the end Germany won and broke Leo's heart. Individually he managed 4 goals, 1 assist, completed the most dribbles, created the most chances and won the most Man of the match awards at the tournament. For this he also received the Golden Ball as player of the tournament, which got criticized by many, but most likely only because of the higher standards people expect Messi to perform at compared to others.

  2. Messi did nothing in the elimination stage, didn’t score or assist. He got carried by others. That’s just a fact, don’t get angry or rude.

  3. Maybe messi’s “heart” not belong to Argentina, barcelona is everything for messi, barca academy save his life and family, he growth up in barca, different with maradona, pele, ronaldo da lima, they growth in his country, and have heart for his country. So maybe advice for messi, put your heart for argentina, stay and feel argentina way, then may be messi can play as his way, and make argentina world champ, the one thing for messi to be one of GOAT is world cup champ.

  4. Imagine if he scored that last minute freekick against germany….the debate would have been over right there

  5. One of the saddest things that will ever happen if Messi ends his career without a world cup… This man deserves it 🙂 but the truth is always bitter many greats of the games never got the taste of being a world champion :')

  6. Lionel Messi is one of the best player in the world and histroy.
    He makes us tear some eyes how he is excellent and enthusiastic player.
    This is more delightful and greatness.
    Please visit us, because we are running our YouTube channel and it's about Korean team building activities or games.

  7. He really deserve the cup 2014 wc final,the best world cup I've ever seen, and the most heart breaking final match, wish messi could win the world cup 2022 and Copa America 2021

  8. Only goals with poor teams, the most overrated player of al time. The man who isn't capable of doing anything without Barcellona.

  9. That pass to Di Maria vs Belgium comes once in the century. Only Messi can create such chances every other match

  10. Como o futebol é injusto muitas vezes, você merecia demais ter ganhado essa copa, jogou demais em todos os jogos, era o cérebro do time, seja fazendo gols, dando assistências, criando jogadas, procurando jogo, jogou com muita raça, não se escondeu em nenhum jogo, mas uma andorinha só não faz verão. A Argentina jogou muito mais que a Alemanha naquele jogo, foi um pecado aquele seu chute não ter entrado, a bola ainda deu uma quicada, falam que você pipoca pela Seleção, mas o verdadeiro pipoqueiro é o Higuain que sempre perde gols feitos em finais, fora outros jogadores de nome que somem, o Messi não fez nenhum gol em finais e a Argentina também não fez nenhum. Mas sinto que você ainda vai ganhar uma taça por sua Seleção, e vai ser bem mais que uma Copa América, o futebol lhe deve uma Copa do Mundo, essa é a taça que você merece ganhar por sua Seleção

  11. Que rabia. Messi lo hizo todo y más, miles han ganado un mundial sin hacer ni la décima parte de lo que Messi hizo en esa copa mundo. De haber tenido un verdadero 9 y no la petaca vieja de Higuain. Ese mundial era suyo

  12. Hello Henrik,
    Are you planning to create a video on the 2018 Messi World Cup and on the 2019 Copa America ?

    I thank you,


  13. Messi smile when he win with arengtina with full of happiness and even they lost as long they play with challenge

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