Pokemon Gold Complete Walkthrough

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One of the first mainstream RPG games to appear on the Game Boy Color, Pokemon Gold Version and Pokemon Silver Version continued to expand the Pokemon universe, adding 100 Pokemon, held items, and real-time events, thanks to an internal game clock.

These major Pokemon releases take you on a journey through the Johto region, and for the first time, show your Pokemon appearing in glorious color on your Game Boy Color! All kinds of creative aspects are to be found in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, including genders and items that Pokemon can hold to improve their abilities.


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31 thoughts on “Pokemon Gold Complete Walkthrough

  1. Just use add block when watching his video. It is unwatchable without it, no fking way. There is more add than video.

  2. whoever’s in the comments bored, i’m currently doing an emerald playthrough on my channel if you’re interested why not come over?

  3. The center support bar of the Bellsprout tower is actually the body of a giant Bellsprout that they built the tower around. The woman in pink on the first floor says this.

  4. This fool didn't catch that Snorlax. That Snorlax had left overs You could have used the cloning glitch and given all your Pokemon leftovers. You could have cloned some Max revives .

  5. When a Pokémon tries to evolve but he doesn’t press b

    Me: Impossible

    Edit: Also for the ice gym battle you could have used Luna against Piloswine

  6. Hi, I still have since 2004 my Gameboy Colour & Gameboy without colour including Pokemon Gold shiny Cartridge that has both Johto & Kanto regions.

    I am looking for Pokemon Gold ROM with both Johto & Kanto to play on Android Mobile GBA Emulator.

    Any Chance Anyone can Provide information or Link?

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