Pokemon Revolution Online 2019 Download

How to Download and Install Pokemon Revolution Online for 2019!


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20 thoughts on “Pokemon Revolution Online 2019 Download

  1. bro i have a problem when i try to open the app it shows me an icon that says the app stopped working plzz help

  2. i downloaded the game but it wont open when i click the client, the older one PRO32 has no problem opening for me but it doesnt let me login. now the i tried to update redownload a newer version and it wont even load up wtf i need some help here : (

  3. I really apreciate the video! My big brother showed me this game some years ago, and at that time I didn't have a clue what was going on pretty much. But then I finally found it again and was surprised to see it was still relevant enough to get updated download tutorials! Thanks a lot for the tutorial😊👍

  4. I've registered and when I open pro
    And type users name and password it says invalid password or username. What I should do.?

  5. I need help on an issue I keep having, every time whenever I've extracted files into the PRO folder that I've created, it's keep giving an error message "Fail to load il2cpp" Any suggestions what I should do?

  6. I did everything u did but when i click on a server to get on, it tells me "Red and Blue merged to Silver: To access your account, you need to merge your account on the Dashboard. Make sure to select the correct server." then that takes me to a website that has my account information, including an area showing the silver and gold servers and how long ive been on it. (obviously 0 hours, 0 minutes) I don't understand what i'm supposed to do with that.

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