Python Twitter Bot That Auto Likes/Retweets Tutorial

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In todays episode we are going to be using python to create a twitter bot that will automatically retweet and auto like posts based on a keyword.
We will be exploring the python library called tweepy and also setting up a twitter developer api key.

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47 thoughts on “Python Twitter Bot That Auto Likes/Retweets Tutorial

  1. "1:46""best twitter automation tool" incorporato nel sito web di social media esegue le funzioni compito. L'effetto è quello che Bot Ferrera segnala come quando la socializzazione dei bot e utenti umani crea una vulnerabilità per la fuoriuscita

  2. If you are having trouble with the "python" command use "py" instead (in the Powershell terminal)

  3. "1:57""best twitter automation tool" Per diventare programmatore è utile una vastissima competenza nella scrittura di codici, tale da permettere la traduzione dei diversi elementi progettati in strisce di codice eseguibili.

  4. I opened a new twitter account for development with the new email address. I didn' get the approval from twitter. I did what ı see in this video and ı got reject. Can you help me about this ???. I got this message "Thank you for your interest in the Twitter developer platform. Based on our review of your use case, we are unable to approve your developer application at this time."

  5. Question, is the bot linked only to the account handle registered with dev or do you need to make a new handle?

  6. "recommend one twitter bot" SARS-CoV-2, iniziata a dicembre 2019 nella città di Wuhan, capoluogo della provincia cinese dell'Hubei, e successivamente diffusasi in più di 210 nazioni del mondo.

  7. Great stuff. Was able to follow along and get it working. I tried to make it search for 2(!) search terms and just put them in like such "for tweet in tweepy.Cursor(, search, search2).items(nrTweets)", but that didn't work. Any idea how to achieve that?

  8. because of the pandemic our semi finals test are cancelled but our prof gives us chance to be exempted by gaining enough retweet and likes please help

  9. has been with me from the first day when I started using Twitter. The results I got with this tool were legit, safe and most importantly automated. It increased my Twitter account’s performance. Now, I feel like a celebrity on Twitter, when I see my followers liking, commenting and even retweeting everything that I tweet.

  10. Favorite is the American English variant of Favourite. It's maybe because Americans hate using extra words, which is a good thing in my way.

  11. its quite funny bc i ran the followers stuff and nothing showed and i thought it was the code but nope its just cuz i dont have any followers lmao

  12. love your work, love your tutorial, love your class, love your gir… i mean love your gir-gir-gir laughing sound

  13. Can you make it tweet a picture taken from a raspberry pi 3/4 with a raspberry camera to a user define twitter account like my local PD since they don't care about speeders. I have a RPi 3 with a bme280 that tweets every 30 minutes the weather conditions from the office. Thank you for showing the rate limit on this tutorial my simple code hits the limits and I have to restart it if tweeter sees the same temp numbers for more than 1 tweet. Do you have a GitHub for your twitter python code ?

  14. Channel suggestion: keep it simple! TechEd. Look at things like YoSushi, Yotel, etc Simple is boring but long term

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