The SHIMANO FX 2500FB!!! Test and Review! Cheap New Reel!

This is a new reel and my review of the Shimano FX 2500FB!! I take it out and test it with an older Shimano Sojourn rod to see if it can get the job done. I put 10lb mono-filament as I tend to use toads, poppers, and lighter jerbaits most of the time for this combo, mainly because the action of the rod which I think is great. At the end of my review, I’m quite pleased with it. I favor Shimano spinning reels the best and for a cheap $20, I say Bravo…bravo!

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Reels: Kastking Royale Legend (Fresh&Saltwater)
Abu Garcia Black Max3
Abu Garcia Silver Max3
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500
Okuma Avenger ABF30 (Fresh&Saltwater)
Shimano Sienna 500FD(s)
Shimano FX 2500FB
Quantum Optix 60 (Saltwater)

Rods: St. Croix Bass X 7’4” MH
Okuma TCS Tournament Concept 7′ H
Abu Garcia Black Max 6’6” M(s)
Abu Garcia Bruiser 7′ MH
Shakespeare Micro Series 4’6” UL
Shakespeare Ugly Stik Pro Lite 5′ UL
Shakespeare Ugly Stik Dock Runner 3′ M
Tsunami Sea Tech 7′ MH
Shimano Sojourn 6’6” M

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Sony CyberShot 7.2

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20 thoughts on “The SHIMANO FX 2500FB!!! Test and Review! Cheap New Reel!

  1. Hey guys I hope you can help me out. I'm planning to get the Shimano Sienna 2500 but I am not sure what kind of rod (medium light?) and line (size) I need to pair it with. I'm planning to fish on rivers or maybe in a pier. I am also wondering about the max weight (in pounds or kilos) of fish this reel can handle. I am planning to make fishing as a new hobby. I hope you can help me out. Thank you.

  2. Great action.>>> I can feel what the bottom is like with this rod and can set the hook easy and quick. I fish all types of lures with this rod and so far I haven't been disappointed.

  3. Great Christmas music buddy just bought that reel with a Shimano pole it came with at my local shopko here for 9 dollars reason it was so cheap cuz they are closings down and have clearance just about everything

  4. Could have been a nice review but hard to listed to the voice with that annoying and loud background music. Was it necessary for a background music over the voice over? Had to stop watching…

  5. I have had two of these FX in the 2500 for about seven years. They wobble a bit. They are not that smooth and the handles get loose every now and then. Overall, they have outlasted many of my more expensive reels. I have fished them HARD(I have NEVER done any maintenance on them). I fished one of them loaded with Stren 6 for at least two hours a day last summer and caught countless 1-3 lb largemouth and pannies. They still work fine. Sure, they don't have instant anti-reverse, but if you are old like me, it is instant enough: more instant than the IX anyway. What's not to like? They are indestructible and Monster Mike uses one. The only reason I mostly use other reels now is that the drag is really not that smooth and the stem that connects the spool to the rod flexes quite a bit. It has never broken though. I love your panfish videos, Camo'd. Ironically, I have almost the same setups that you do (ugly 5 and shakes micro) and I had them waaay before I saw your videos(maybe before you were born LOL). I even use many of the same lures and techniques you do. Keep making these fine videos for those of us in Ohio, because winter arrived with a vengeance last week. Fish On.

  6. Alright man… I have to call you on this one. You went from awesome 90s retro video game music to soft core porn/JC Penney's elevator music. Ha ha ha ha I'm just messing. I really enjoy your choice of music. 👍👍👍

  7. Great review…..but dude……what happen to your intro music? I am like, is this the same dude? LOL. Keep them coming buddy!

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