Use the REAL FaceBook app on BB10!

Hey everyone! In this video I show you, how you can use the real FaceBook App on bb10!

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BBM Channel: C003B5DDF

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22 thoughts on “Use the REAL FaceBook app on BB10!

  1. Keep update in us, There is also new version today, can you do video for facebook, gmail app, FB messanger and other that work on bb10

  2. Thank u Jan very very much.
    I have a quation: have bb10 version custom with balanse to Apk, i mean work programs apk on bb10 without freeze ???

    With respect for your work

  3. I just recently got my BB passport. Please share with me If you have any solution what I am going to tell you right now. I have enough storage to install application, but after installing some apps from the Google play store, I keep receiving error message telling me that the device doesn't have enough storage space to install. It's only happens in Google play store. My mail ID…..

  4. Ive downloaded the facebook app apk on my passport and it works fine except the reactions. Is it advisable to update the fb app or not? Its asking me if I wanr to update

  5. Is it possible to make a call/video call through messenger? How? I had tried it so many times, but it still won't work on my blackberry classic. Please, really need help

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