Video File Formats – MP4, MOV, MKV

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Today, we demystify the alphabet soup of video file formats and explain the crucial difference between a codec and a container.

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38 thoughts on “Video File Formats – MP4, MOV, MKV

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  2. Very weird indeed, i am actually converting MKV to MP4 on VLC right now, how did UTube know? scarey stuff, great content fella 🙂

  3. so why didn't we justgo to google and search this question rather than watching this video?
    OH wait , that's why we're watching this video… :V

  4. What kind of companies have to pay royalties for mp4 and mp3? Tech companies or content companies? Would a blogger have to pay for posting his own recordings in mp3 or for posting videos in mp4 instead of using youtube?

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