Why I moved to Saigon, Vietnam and why you should too! (HCMC)

I was depressed , broke and fat 1 year ago. I wasn’t happy with my life in California. I stopped going out , stopped having friends. Felt I was trapped and couldn’t do anything about it. Then I saw a Harald Baldr Video, then a Bald and Bankrupt video, then formed a new plan. I decided to change my entire life. I lost 60 pounds. I sold everything I owned and moved to Saigon to live a new life. Best choice I’ve ever made in life! If you find your self depressed please get help and tell everyone you know that you are feeling this way. You are not alone. Don’t feel trapped and like no one can help. Just talking and telling people how you feel can be very helpful. Enjoy the video !

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45 thoughts on “Why I moved to Saigon, Vietnam and why you should too! (HCMC)

  1. My girlfriend is originally from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and I have traveled with her over there to meet her family and I loved it.
    America is nothing but a keep you in debt rat race.

  2. Im hoping to be able to get enough dividend stock by 45 so i can live in some nice cheap country, shit life of a worker class guy until then. Thks for giving me hope do 😛

  3. You still in Saigon? I've been here about a bit more than a year. If you're still around we should chat sometime man. It'd be dope to get your take on being out here.

  4. $4,000 a month? For an apartment?!?!?! I live in california… if you're paying 4k a month in california then you live in one of the most expensive areas in any county in califofornia… normal rent in california is 1-2k a month.. and plenty of places under 1k… for $4,000 a month you can get a small mansion in the country on acerage

    Venice beach is the anus of california 🤣

    It's hard to take your word for "affordability" when you say you were paying $4,000 bucks on rent in california…

  5. New Subs here I just found your channels and those YT dudes you mentioned I do too follow them
    same with me I am tired of the situation here in America … and also I have been in other countries and
    thinking to move out to another one over seas … I am Sick and Tired of these F Crooked Polticians and their BS
    PROPAGANDA tv, magazines, newspapers etc etc I am sure you know what I mean …
    things are going from Bad to worse latest BS the lock down
    so in the future I might do like you did
    take care
    greetings from
    June 08 2020

  6. I retired from the USA 10 years ago and moved to Thailand , was a police officer 23 years . Saigon is nice , I ve been a few times , but to me life in Thailand is a little better ,,,,,,

  7. Subscribed and Notified my friend. Glad that you find happiness in my country, I am quite the opposite, I stuck in USA because I can’t work remotely as a truck driver. I am working on building passive income so I can move back.

  8. So True Chris ' the only way you will know if if you take the first steps and go move & check it out . Saigon is a larger city I may try Da Nang in 2021 once I'm on full retirement . I chat with the Vietnamese Ladies shom pedicure my feet and clip my finger nails , so I'm to thinking about giving it shot and see how Vietnam is For Me To. Thanks For The Video Chris .

  9. I still have a place in Socal, but I haven't been in over 5 years. I hate life in LA and am thinking about uprooting permanently. I feel like there is nothing California can offer except insane taxation and tyranny at this point. Hell, even the beaches are nicer in Vietnam in my opinion.

  10. As much as this self isolated sucks. I will say that I'm glad I have all this time now to do alot of self reflection.
    I was initially planning to continue working for another 10-15years before I retire, then travel.
    But then I realize I could retire in 5years if I just became an expat. So many people forget to even consider this as an option.
    Worst case scenario (financially) I move back to the US and all my expenses are covered via passive income, I would just work part time for recreational expenses.

    Keep it up man! Live your dream.

  11. I'am thinking about Danang. Saigon has too many people and i like the idea of walking along the ocean at night. I did have Pattaya Thailand in mind but the visa is a mess. In Vietnam do you have to make border runs every 30 days?

  12. Alot of the people who are complaining about saigon being busy with traffic, yeah it is..but when we live here we dont live in the CBD we live in the outer suburbs like phu my hung (d7) binh chanh, d9 sun avenue, where there are parks and clean air, and traffic is low.. D1 is for the backpackers and pissheads 😂 although i work in d1 so have to visit the carnage atleast once a day!!

  13. Cool video. I've thought about moving to George Town, Malaysia for similar reasons. Once I retire I will seriously consider moving to that region.

  14. Dude our stories are very similar. I however am still in America. I have been to Thailand, Vietnam and China 7 times in the last 3 years. I absolutely love it over there. I recently retired early. As soon as this virus is over I will be coming to stay.

  15. It's entirely possible to be broke in Viet Nam too. I like it here but you need to learn the language, get a job (difficult on a tourist visa), find health insurance. Everybody says Vietnamese women are wonderful and I agree. But don't move here thinking some girl is going to take care of you. Just like anywhere else you need to sustain your life if you're going to live here.
    Good luck, I hope you find a good life here.

  16. EXACTLY! I'm hoping to be out there as soon as this bullshit is over. I'd love to network with you if possible. I was hoping to be there by August but, covid happened. I have a job lined up teaching english in Tam Ky. I hoping all the things fall into place correctly. Love what you are doing man Cheers!

  17. Hey brother I just came your channel and you say you're SoCal, I'm also from California / Laguna Niguel, I moved to Việt Nam after a few trip and getting hitch lol, hahaha but I do not regret the decision I made, it is awesome out here and all the bad things and stereotypes I heard about Vietnamese people and Việt Nam just is true and I've got channel dedicated to life in Việt Nam and debunking all the stereotypes as well as to show the growth of the Vietnamese community. Anyway I'm in Đà Nẵng when you're in the area or if I'm in Sài Gòn let collaborate on a video and the word out. But everything you're is 100% correct on living in America nowadays even I owe everything to America for the foundation it has given me in order to pursue my dreams of traveling and more.

  18. Saigon air smells like burned fuel and urine. Sounds like permanent hearing damage. Good luck trying to find some peace and quiet or anything beautiful. You want cheap then cheap is what you get. But the weather is great

  19. A super common sort of idea seen in USA is that if you're unhappy, then it's your fault. Of course, there is always a personal element to how someone feels, but I think it's wrong to dogmatically think that one's own mindset can account for everything. Your video shows exactly the opposite of that mindset and I think it is very important. For the rest of the world, the USA seems like a super happy place, but there's something missing behind it. There's something that's alienating.
    I'm glad to see that you're happy in Vietnam. I can't wait to get out of here and move to Asia. Just gotta pay the student debt first! 😭

  20. For a white guy like you. You may enjoy the privilege that Vietnam gave you. Like what you say you don't even enjoy your life in the States. So you go there. Me as a person like me I preferred to live in Inner Mongolia China or Canada.

  21. I will do what you did and go to Vietnam to live with my son and his girlfriend. He has been there for almost three years and has never been happier in his life!!

  22. how do you manage to live in vietnam? are you making visa runs or what would you recommend? i want to live there for some years..

  23. Love Harald Baldr … Yea I left orange county for the same reasons you said. I just choose Taiwan . Been to Vietnam (northern ) people aren't that friendly and always trying to get money out of you … however I still had a great time

  24. Are those sideburns legal in Vietnam? cuz they sure aren't legal in the USA.. lol They actually died along with the Elvis era. I love Vietnam btw. Let me clarify, SOUTH Vietnam. People are soo friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to ask how your day is and converse with you. Northern Vietnam is more stale and people have this slightly negative view of tourists. South Vietnam all day long. Ho Chi Minh City is my city of choice and have toured the country several times. Stay safe out there.

  25. And you living in the Cheaps because you broke! Most guys went to VN condnot make peanuts there either. When you sick of VN, You come back to the US and start from 0. However, Your life is Not Cheap thought.

  26. My girlfriend invited me to Vietnam. But I'm African American schooling in india, how am I goon get a visa?

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